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Vinayaka Chaturthi

posted 18 Jan 2015, 06:16 by R A   [ updated 18 Jan 2015, 06:16 ]
Vinayakar Chaturthi/ Pillayar Chaturthi/ Ganesh Chaturthi is the birthday or the rebirth day of Pillayar, or Ganesha or Vinayaka. Though it is often said, "Aavi Avanukku, Annam Namakku" - meaning, the smell is for the lord and the eatable is for us, praying lord Ganesha on any day not only on this special occasion gives an immense inner strength. This festival mostly comes in the month of August and September, that is after August 15th and before September 15th, in the month of Aavani and the Valarpirai Chathurthi (the chaturthi that comes in the growing moon phase, 4th day after the Amavasya).

The Vinayagar idol is purchased from the vendor on that day or the previous day from the road side where it is made fresh using clay and is pressed in moulds. Now a days, big idols are installed in the street corners too and are taken in a procession and immersed in the sea. A small umbrella is placed behind the idol (which is normally struck to some extra clay that is given by the vendor). The idol is decorated with erukkam poo and archanai is made mainly using erukkam pul and the different leaves available in and around the house. The idol is decorated with small towels and gold ornaments too. I have tried making Ganesha using Shilpikar and that image is used here. 

A full pooja is done at home and after the pooja neivedhyam with the following items are done. But if there is no time or if one needs to pray to Pillayar on any day, the following can be done:
Om Sumukhaya Namaha    
Swarnaa Creations
Om Ekathanthaya Namaha
Om Kapilaya Namaha
Om Gajakarnakaaya NamahaGanesha Using Shilpikar
Om Lambodharaaya Namaha
Om Vikataya Namaha
Om Vignarajaya Namaha
Om Vinayakaya Namaha
Om Dhoomakethave namaha
Om Ganadhyakshaya namaha
Om Phaala chandhraya Namaha
Om Gajananaya Namaha
Om Vakrathundaya Namaha
Om Soorpakarnaaya Namaha
Om Herambaya Namaha
Om Skantha Poorvajaya Namaha
Om Sidhhi Vinayakaya Namaha

If one is not able to do the full Ashtothra atleast praying using these 16 names of Lord Vinayaka helps in getting succes in all our actions. Praying to Lord Vinayaka chanting these names before starting anything helps in giving us mental strength and ability to do the work with ease.

List of Neivehyams:
All types of Kozhukattais
  Thengai Poorna Kozhukattai
  Ellu poorna Kozhukattai
  Ulunthu Pooranam
  Paruppu Pooranam
 Paruppu Kara Kozhukattai
  Ammani Kozhukattai
   Aama Vadai
   Ulundu Vadai
Moong Dal Payasam
Thengai and Rice Payasam
Ammani Kozhukattai Payasam

To make the Outer cover for the Kozhukattais and also to make the dough for Ammani Kozhukattai