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Recipe to make Badam Kheer

posted 14 Jul 2012, 01:19 by Rajmi Arun   [ updated 16 Jul 2012, 08:22 ]


Milk - 1 litre

Almonds - 50 to 60 (1/2 KG)

Sugar - 1 cup

Water - 2.5 Cups

Cardamom powder - 1/2 tsp

Saffron - a pinch

Chopped nuts - 2 or 3 tbsp (Badam and Cashews)


Soak the almonds in warm water for half an hour. Peel the skin and grind the almonds into a very fine paste. Boil the milk in a vessel and reduce it to 3/4th of the original. Remove from fire and add the almond paste. Keep stirring so that it wont settle in the bottom. Let the milk come to a boil. Now remove from fire and add cardamom and saffron. You could serve this kheer cold or hot. If you are serving it hot decorate the nuts on top and serve it immediatly. To serve it cold, refrigerate and before serving decorate it with chopped nuts.