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Recipe for Dates Milk Shake

posted 21 Nov 2012, 01:27 by R A   [ updated 21 Nov 2012, 01:28 ]
This is one recipe which is rich in Iron and Calcium. Kids will love it for sure. 

Ingredients to make 2 cups of dates milk shake:
Dates - 1/2 cup (without seeds)
Sugar - 4 tbsp
Milk - 2 cups
Ice cubes - 2
Vanilla Ice cream - 1 scoop

Method to make dates milk shake:
In a blender add dates, sugar, 1 cup of milk and grind it till it frosts. Pour in 2 tall glasses to half the level and add milk to remaining half and add 1/2 scoop of ice cream in each of the glasses.

Can be served with wafers.