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Moong Dal Ladoo (Maa Laddu)

posted 7 Jan 2013, 04:29 by Rajmi Arun   [ updated 7 Jan 2013, 04:34 ]
Maa Ladoo can be made either using Fried Dal or Moong Dal. 

Moong Dal - 1 cup
Sugar - 3/4th cup
Ghee - 1/2 cup
Cashew nuts - 20 nos
Cardamom powder - 1/2 tsp (made from 4 to 6 cardamoms)

Fry Moong dal till it turns golden brown. When cool grind it to a very fine powder. (If it is not obtained, sieve and grind again). Grind sugar to make sugar powder. Mix moong dal powder and sugar together. Add cardamom powder to it and mix well. 

In 2 tbsp of ghee fry cashewnuts after breaking it into pieces. Add it to the dal flour and mix thoroughly.

Heat the remaining ghee and pour it over the flour and mix well. Make small balls when the ghee is hot.