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How to make Rumali Roti at home

posted 21 Nov 2012, 01:00 by R A   [ updated 21 Nov 2012, 01:01 ]
We all are fascinated by the way, Rumali Roti is made in hotels. Infact with a little bit of effort, Rumali Roti can be made at home.

Maida - 2 cups
Atta (Wheat Flour)- 3/4th cup
Curd - 1 cup
Salt - 1/2 tsp 

Method to make Rumali Roti:
Seive Maida and Wheat flour together. Add salt. Make dough by mixing curd to it. If needed little water can be added. The dough should neither be too soft nor be too soft. Spread the rotis as big as possible and as thin as possible. If possible get a pan made for this from potter. (if not the regular calcutta pan goes good to make this). Reverse the pan on top of the stove. When hot spread the rotis on the pan. Heat the rotis on both the sides not more than a min.

Fold it into the form of a hand kerchief before serving.

Rumali Roti can be had with Mohalai Cauliflower gravy and or Shahi Paneer