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How to make Jaggery Syrup for sweets

posted 18 Feb 2014, 07:18 by R A   [ updated 21 Feb 2014, 21:18 ]

Jaggery (Pagu vareity) - 1 cup
Water - 1 cup

In a deep pan add 1 cup of water and jaggery and keep stirring till sugar dissolves completely. Bring it to a boil. When it boils remove from flame and strain to remove all the impurities. Boil again till either one string or two string consistency is reached.

How to check one string or two consistency?
When the jaggery syrup is dropped from a height, it have to flow freely like a string and should not fall down as a lump. If you can handle it then take the syrup between your index finger and thumb and it should form a string

Two strings should fall down for two string consistency. When taken between thumb and index finger it should form 2 strings

For making groundnut balls or broken gram balls or Karthigai Pori Urundai or Kaaparisi the following consistency have to be reached:
The syrup should be the consistency of a ball. It should make a sound when dropped into a plate, or when dropped into a cup of water, it should not stick to the bottom.

If candy thermometer is used, the measurement should read around 240 to 250 deg F.