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How to prepare filter Coffee (Kumbakonam Degree Coffee)

posted 2 Jan 2014, 07:59 by R A   [ updated 3 Jan 2014, 17:32 ]

Not a day starts without the filter coffee for every South Indian. Early in the morning, waking up to the aroma of the freshly made thick decoction blended with thick milk always makes the day a very fine one.

The coffee powder combination:
One can get the aroma and taste only when the proper combination of the beans are selected and they are properly roasted and ground too.

One of the popularly known combination is 200gms Peaberry+ 200gms A+50gms Robusta and the other is 200gms Plantation+200gms Peaberry+100gms Chicory. The chicory is known to give the aroma and taste that makes the coffee lovers go for it. Whatever be the combination, the beansare roasted properly and should also be ground finely. The ground powder should be stored in airtight container too.

The coffee making method:
In a coffee filter add the coffee powder to the top chamber up to half of the filter. Press the coffee powder lightly with the mushroom shaped umbrella. Do not over press it, if done there will be no decoction. Pour the water evenly. Close the lid and in 10 mins fresh thick decoction can be obtained.

While the decoction is getting ready, boil the milk and keep it ready. In a tumbler and dabara, add 1 spoon of sugar, and decoction upto 1/4th of the tumbler. Pour the boiled milk to it. (Never add decoction to milk). Pour the coffee from tumbler to dabara to get a froth. Drink it slowly by enjoying it.