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How to make Bread Crumbs at home?

posted 8 Sept 2013, 01:46 by Rajmi Arun   [ updated 8 Sept 2013, 01:46 ]
Bread crumbs can be made out of any kind of bread. Wheat bread, Sandwich bread, sweet bread can all be used either individually or in a combination to make bread crumbs. Home made bread crumbs,  also are quite inexpensive and also cost effective. Though fresh bread can also be used, dried bread makes the work easier. Place the breads in baking sheet (and if dont have oven place them on tawa. Brush the slices with ghee). Bake the bread in 300 deg C (if in oven). If in tawa turn the bread both the sides till both the sides become browned evenly. Allow the bread to cool, cut into small pieces. Grind the bread pieces to a powder to the required coarseness.

This can be used to make any kind of dish that require bread crumbs like cutlet, rolls etc.