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Green Chilly Paste - Method 2

posted 15 Jul 2012, 08:59 by R A   [ updated 16 Jul 2012, 09:04 ]
Green chillies (prefferrably the thin long ones) - 250 gms
Gingely Oil - 1 tbsp
Asafdeita - 1/2 tsp
Salt - 1 tsp

Wash the chillies. Grind them together along with asafodeita and salt. In a pan add oil and when hot add the paste and keep stirring for a few mins. (Till the oil separates). This can be stored in a clean jar and refrigerated and can be used whenever and wherever required.

Instead of frying it in oil, this paste can be stored just after grinding and one spoon of it can be used while grinding chutneys. This uncooked paste can also be used while making vathals and vadams.