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Cucumber Salad Chinese Style

posted 26 Mar 2014, 03:52 by iamsweet sivam   [ updated 26 Mar 2014, 04:08 by R A ]
this is a chinese recipe....Hope some1 may like it.. 

No need cooking only making like a salad

just go for the dark cucumber not the light one....  2 big nos
then wash it and just broke it with the help of the big knife. 
Dont cut. just use the knife sideward and beat 2/3 times it will start breaking in to pieces

take a bowl put the pieces inside.....
then cut red chillies 2/3 (not the dry red chilli) 
then add 2/3 garlic chopped
add required salt. 
then add 1 tspn of dark soya sauce
then add chopped corriander leaves on top
then mix all together using a spoon.

now u keep for 5 mins.
then the cucumber is ready.
can eat directly or can eat with white rice