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Recipe for Coffee Syrup

posted 21 Jul 2012, 08:54 by R A   [ updated 1 Nov 2012, 12:21 ]
Mix this syrup in chilled milk (3 tbsp for 1 cup milk), or use it in coffee milk shake or use it as ice cream topping.

The syrup that you can get is totally based on the size of coffee filter and the quantity of filter you require. You can make this either using percolator or using filter. In the filter, add coffee powder that is needed for atleast 6 people. Pour hot water over it and get thick decoction. Take the first decoction for this syrup. Add more hot water to it and get the second decoction. You can then throw off the powder. Add the same amount of coffee powder again in the filter. Heat the first decoction (dont heat the decoction directly on fire. Heat it either in microwave or keep the decoction in a vessel and keep that vessel in boiling water).

Add that decoction to the filter. You will get more stronger decoction. Now add hot water to this powder and take the second decoction. Throw off this powder too.

Again add powder to the filter and follow the same procedure as above. The decoction that you will get is stronger. Measure the resultant decoction, add 1/2 the quantity of sugar to it. (For Eg. if there is 5 cups of decoction add 2 1/2 cups of sugar.)

Refrigerate it and use it for a long time.

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