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A soup for any weather - Bombay Curry Soup

posted 15 Nov 2012, 23:44 by R A   [ updated 3 Dec 2013, 00:53 ]
This Bombay Curry Soup can be had both in summer and in winter. A spicy soup that gives a filling feel.

Masoor Dal - 1 cup (Alternatively you can use moong dal too, but the taste will be slightly altered)
Onions - 3 nos
Tomatoes - 5 nos
Cloves - 4
Garlic - 7 to 8 pods
Chilly Powder - 1/2 tspn (optional)
Curry Powder - 3 tspns
Ghee - 1 tbspn
Lemon slices - a few
Cooked Rice (Optional - To serve this soup)

Cut onions into small pieces. Peel and crush garlic. Cut tomatoes into small cubes.

In a pan add ghee and add onions and let them fry. Add the crushed garlic and chilly and mix the curry powder with it and fry till a nice aroma comes. Add tomatoes and mix well. Add 6 cups of water to it and when it starts boiling add the washed masoor dal and cook it in a pressure cooker. When cooked, mash it thoroughly and pass it through a seive. Add salt and serve it hot or cold either with rice or without rice.