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Banana Roll

posted 24 Mar 2014, 05:54 by iamsweet sivam   [ updated 24 Mar 2014, 06:01 by Rajmi Arun ]

konjam tanglish na potudren...very easy and fast to type.....

1. make chappathi dough using wheat flour r maida..... its ur choice......taste will not differ.

2. applam pol ullangai alavu porum romba melisa ittukongo. (Spread it thin like pappad)

3. friends living in other countries can buy dumpling skin from super market directly.

4. romba pazhamagavum irukka koodathu kai agavum iruka koodathu vazhai pazham vangikongo. any variety ok. (Use bananas which is not too ripe and not too raw)

5. now cut the banana half slowly. then split vertically by 2 halves.

6. now take 1 half keep on the round shape of the dough. just dip ur fingers in water slightly and fold all sides. so that it will get stick.

7. now heat the oil in the pan and fry using low flame......