OPOS dishes

The techinique and method of ONE POT ONE SHOT is conceived and made available by Mr. Ramki of One page cook books. Lots of validations are made by lot of people and each and every dish that is made using this OPOS method is absolutely fool proof. I have tried almost all the OPOS dishes and will be sharing every one of them here for the use of not just Bachelors but also for the use of every one. These dishes that I post here are personally validated by me. Some of them will have pictures some of them will not have. But I assure you if you follow the steps yes steps and techniques that I share here very carefully without making any changes or alterations I am sure you will also get the same result as I got. This method of OPOS ensures that cooking is for all and a few dishes that I am sharing here are cooked by my teenage daughter who loves to experiment now and then.