Diet and regimen for Stomach Ulcer Patients

posted 2 Jun 2012, 01:34 by Rajmi Arun   [ updated 20 Apr 2014, 07:51 ]

Gone are the days when they used to say that acidity is aggravated by eating spicy fod and it will get better only by eating bland food. Even the saying that milk cures thee ulcer is no more valid.
Surprised! But it is true that spicy food does not cause ulcers. How spicy foods do not aggravate ulcers and in that stead are preventive against ulcers is discussed in this article.
Thus in this new stand, how should one prepare and eat food or maintain diet so that the trouble of ulcer gets over?
To note one thing is that some foods if not causative for ulcers can still be aggravating factors for ulcers. And still it is very much subjective that any specific food will aggravate ulcers and it varies from person to person. This has changed the protocol of one diet for all to a tailormade diet for each individual person.
Thus when you or your near ones observe that a particular food causes troubles of ulcers for you should be avoided.
What are the guidelines for cooking food for people suffering from Ulcers? 
Which food should be avoided to slow down or stop worsening of Ulcers?
  1. Meats with a high fat content
  2. High-fat condiments
  3. Citrus fruits and juices
  4. Tomato products
  5. Coffee and tea — either caffeinated or decaffeinated
  6. Alcoholic beverages
  7. Spicy foods
  8. Chocolate
Again, these foods may not cause or aggravate ulcers in every individual. Thus, one has to judge accordingly which foods to avoid and which not.
Which foods should be taken to prevent or cure ulcer?
  1. Lean meats, fish, beans, eggs, or tofu as good protein sources
  2. High-fiber foods, especially fruits and vegetables, as long as they don’t irritate the stomach
  3. Caffeine-free drinks
  4. Nuts and nut butters
  5. Heart-healthy oils, such as olive or canola oils, for cooking
  6. Fat-free or low-fat mayonnaise and salad dressings
Again, these foods may not prevent or ameliorate ulcers in every individual. Thus, one has to judge accordingly which foods to avoid and which not.
What are the best cooking methods for the Ulcer Patient?
Even though spices may not cause ulcers but they can surely aggravate the existing ulcers in your tummy and this has to be taken care of by finding out what troubles the patient and thus prepare food according. The best preparation methods for ulcer patients are by: -
  1. Avoiding deep fat frying
  2. Avoid using spices that can cause discomfort and pain;
  3. Limit any additional sources of fats and oil intake to the patient like butter, margarine, regular salad dressings, mayonnaise, and sour cream.
What are the better ways of cooking food for ulcer patients in accordance to limiting added fat are: - 
  1. Baking
  2. Roasting
  3. Sautéing
  4. Broiling
  5. Grilling
How do I plan meals for my dear one who is suffering from ulcers?
The best thumb rule for meals for your dear one suffering from ulcers is "Give small amount and give repeatedly". Small quantity of food is tolerated by patient with ulcer and thus a snack or a small meal over 2 hours are better tolerated and infact may help in reducing the ulcer towards normalcy.