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From time to time various contests are announced in SuvaiArusuvai. One can find all the announcements made in this page.

Ingredient Based Contest - Brinjal/Eggplant

posted 2 Jun 2012, 04:36 by R A   [ updated 26 Feb 2014, 19:23 ]

 Brinjal, the purplish looking vegetable is liked by many. Still, even those who love it don't take it much as the recently
grown ones giv
es lots of allergy. But one can make lots of delicious dishes using Brinjal.
The contest is to post dishes made out of Brinjal. Not more than two other vegetables can be added with this dish. 3 entries are allowed per contestant. Contestants are requested to post photos also if possible.

Check out the contest entries for this contest here   


Week end healthy Diet Contest

posted 2 Jun 2012, 04:27 by R A

While most of us are diet and health conscious, we at times tend to forget that we need to take up foods that are quite rich in every thing. Which includes calories, carbohydrates, protien, fibre etc. 

Here is the contest. Suggest a menu for a family of three or four for a week end which will include every other thing mentioned above. This time I prefer you take photograph of what you have cooked and add it along with the menu and recipe. The recipes could be traditional, or new or unique or something that is your own. 

I request our Nutritionist Gowri Suresh to be the judge for this contest. 

South Indian food serving method

posted 2 Jun 2012, 04:20 by R A

You all can see a vazhai ilai posted in the logo place of this group and also in the website. But this is not a typical vazhai ilai saapadu. But the contest this time is you need to tell us what all is placed where and if possible significance of each item placed in that place. Ofcourse I know many will google search for this or will ask your elders, so this time no gifts only paaratugal. Hope you people will not mind about that. 

We all need to know about it as we all arrange traditional poojas and festivals too.

This contest have no end date and is open to post any time. There will also  be no winners. 

Party Time - Post your Party Menu

posted 2 Jun 2012, 04:13 by R A

This time it is not going to be on any particular ingredient. But it is going to be a theme based one. Here is the theme, you are conducting a party and have invited about 25 to 30 families. In total you will have about 80 to 100 people. Ofcourse you are not going to cook the dishes, but the challenge is you have to come out with a list of dishes that you will serve for your dishes. 

There should be one or two welcome drink, some starters, soup, 4 to 5 main course dishes etc etc. This is just an idea. But the choice is yours. If you do have a recipe either post it as a doc here or send me a request to give you permission to post it in the website. You can also use the dishes posted in the website if you dont want to post a new recipe. 

This is a fun contest and I hope there will be a lot of participants. The last date of this contest is 10th March 2012.

Recipe Contest for January 2012

posted 2 Jun 2012, 00:55 by R A   [ updated 2 Jan 2015, 22:27 ]

Every ingredient can be used to make a different kind of dish. There are lots of different cuisines in India and each different state have various kind of cooking the same kind of dish and each of us too have a different method of cooking a particular dish. These contests are to share the different types of dishes that we could make with one or two particular ingredient. 

Here are the ingredients for the first contest - Wheat/Wheat flour and Rawa. 

You can make either a sweet dish or a spicy dish or a snack or any other dish. Ensure you follow the contest rules . 

The last date to post your entries is Feb 20th.

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