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Nutritious Diet Plan for Lactating Mothers

posted 2 Jan 2013, 06:38 by Rajmi Arun   [ updated 2 Jan 2013, 06:39 ]
Lactating or Nursing mothers should take nitritious and balanced diet which includes fruits, green vegetables and vitamins provided by the doctor if any. The food intake should include all types of food and the food should be highly rich in protein and fibre and less of fat. The calorie intake should be atleast 1800 calories per day. Lactating mothers should avoid junk food and heavy dieting should be avoided during the entire period. 

There should be considerate amount of calcium intake also in one's food which comes from milk, yogurt, cheese etc. To avoid dehydration, lactating mothers should intake lots of water as the oxytoction that is released during breast feeding makes the mothers more thirsty. Whenever thirsty, the lactating mothers can take water, fruit juices, vegetable juices and soup. Low fat milk can also be taken. It is better to avoid coffee and tea as much as possible.