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How to cure sore throat naturally

posted 3 Jan 2014, 17:45 by R A   [ updated 3 Jan 2014, 17:46 ]
Unless it is an infection, sore throat can be cured using natural ingredients. 

1. Drinking warm tea (not so hot) mixed with one or two small pieces. The tannic acid in tea helps in releiving the soreness.

2. Many people think that lemon will increase the sore throat or cold. But the Vitamin C in the lemon will help in relieving sore throat. Make lemon juice with warm water and honey and it is a natural medicine for sore throat.

3. Taking 1 tspn of honey along with a pinch of cinnamon powder 3 times a day helps a lot.

4. The first and best thing that is advised whenever any one have a sore throat is gargling. Gargling with warm water added with rock salt. (add rock salt when the water is boiling and let it cool till it become warm so that the salt also gets dissolved).

Note: If the sore throat is along with fever, chills or severe pain, it is better to see a doctor. Avoid natural treatment.