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Pregnant Women need more vegetables and fruits

posted 2 Jan 2013, 06:16 by Rajmi Arun   [ updated 2 Jan 2013, 06:37 ]
Expecting mothers are at more risk towards developing Upper Respiratory Tract Infection. Consuming atleast 7 servings of fruits and vegetables in moderate quantity will help in reducing that risk. URTI includes common cold, sinus etc which leads to asthma or pneumonia too. Pregnant women are prone to get more of these common cold and flu very easily. Eating fruits and vegetables help in inproving one's immunity towards these diseases and especially more in pregnant women. 

Pregnant women are recommended to consume atleast 5 servings of fruits or vegetables per day and more the servings (to a max of 6 or 7), helps in increasing the immunity. Pregnant women need more fruits and vegetables to cope up with the extra demands of the body.