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For Lactating Mothers

posted 14 Nov 2012, 09:05 by R A   [ updated 14 Nov 2012, 09:06 ]
Lactating mothers need lots of strength both mentally and physically to feed the baby and also to keep them hale and healthy. Indian recipes, which are called as Pathiya Recipes or Pathiya Samayal, helps a lot in regaining the lost energy and keeps the mother and baby healthy too.

The food that the mothers take should help them relax and improve the milk flow. A well balanced meal that provides all round nourishment for both the mother and baby is the most important during the period of lactation. One should include lots of vegetables and fruits in the diet (as per the doctor's advise or the family elder's advise)

Food should be taken at the proper time and whenever the baby is asleep, it is better to eat. Take the evening dinner light and early (by around 7.00pm). This will help in avoiding indigestion. Indian diet includes taking beetel leaves after meals especially for the lactating mothers to help in easy digestion and to reduce the heaviness of the food. Avoiding fried pappads and appalams will help in keeping the skin clear and also helps in avoiding of putting over weight. Instead, one can take sutta appalam (or microwaved appalam) or Thalir Vadam.

It is better to avoid or to take lesser quantity of Thuvar Dal and take moong dal instead. It is better to take any drink in the room temperature rather than too hot or too cold. Instead of green or red chillies black pepper can be used to cook the dishes, especially for the lactating mothers.

        The food that a lactating mother intakes should contain Cumin (a rich source of calcium and iron and it helps in the secretion of milk), Fenugreek(methi-vendayam)-(helps in increasing the constant flow), Fennel(Saunf) helps in digestion and prevents being colic for both the mother and the kid. Many of the Pathiya food dishes include Dried Ginger or Sukku which again helps in easy digestion. Garlic again helps in digestion and prevents being colic.

        Though it is said that certain foods are to be avoided by the lactating mothers, one can eat food that they like as ever.  Foods like Chocolates, Coffee, Pineapple Juice etc can make the baby colic. (This is not for all the babies). It is in the hands of the mother to decide what to eat and what not to eat.

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