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Compulsive Eating - How to find the signs

posted 20 Dec 2012, 08:35 by R A   [ updated 20 Dec 2012, 08:35 ]
Many of us want to do dieting but the main problem one faces is compulsive eating. Some vital signs of compulsive signs are:

Thinking about food, especially their favourite food a lot make them forget that they are in diet and make them eat those foods a lot.

Many people treat food as a stress relievers. They eat a lot and lot just to come out their stress and depression. 

Even after feeling full and a heavy stomach, many people keep eating which is the resultant of Compulsive eating. 

People who get too anxious while eating.

People who worry  or keep day dreaming while eating.

People who over eat are also under the compulsive eating disorder.

People who eat too fast or too slow.

People who want to complete everything that is set on the table. 

Those who feel guilty when they eat just because they are eating.

People who eat secretly as they think they should not eat. 

People who cant indulge themselves even with one piece of a bar chocolate.

People who just jump to eat a lot and a lot of everything after a spell of long dieting.

People who became more fearful when they feel hungry.

If any 3 of the above fits true for any one, then they are under compulsive eating disorder. Such disorders have to be corrected by giving them proper counseling and proper diet. The diets could include, dairy products, juices, fruits.