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Baby Food

posted 26 Nov 2012, 02:52 by R A   [ updated 26 Nov 2012, 02:53 ]
Any food that is introduced to the infants/babies, which is other than breast milk (or infant formula),  between the age group of four months and 2 years are called Baby Food. Different varities, textures, tastes have to be introduced to the infants so that they learn to eat and digest all types of food. Initially, when they dont have any teeth and when it is their first food, the food need to be soft, liquidy and soft in texture so that they just swallow it. Babies start intaking solids or baby food when they dont get filled up just with the breast feeding. And it is always better to prepare food for the kids at home rather than going for the tinned ones. One of the first food for a baby could be Puzhungalarisi Kanji (Boiled rice Porridge). This makes a whole some food for the babies. Initially any food have to be introduced to the babies one at a time and one taste should be retained atleast for a week's time. Now a days, doctors advise to give foods that are taken by the family normally. All at the same time, one should keep in mind that till the first 6 months, just breast feeding is enough for the babies.

There will be a series of posts following this on Child care and recipes that babies, kids and teens will like.