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While drinking juice

posted 6 Oct 2014, 20:58 by R A   [ updated 6 Oct 2014, 21:02 ]

When we drink fresh juice, it need to be drunk sip by sip, or drink using a straw. The sugar in the juice need to mix with the saliva so that it will be digested easily. If it is drunk fast just like water then it will not get digested that easily. 

Horse gram its health benefits

posted 27 Jan 2014, 06:50 by R A   [ updated 27 Jan 2014, 06:51 ]

Horse gram, (Kollu, Kulith, galath, kulath, kulthi, gahat) is a legume that is normally known as fodder for horses. But this legume which is reddish brown in colour helps in reducing the unwanted fats and also help in weight reduction diets. It also helps in reduction of pain in dry piles, helps in purifying mensuration. Horsegram is also said to cure arthritis. It is rich in protein and dietary fibre that helps to regulate blood pressure and blood glucose levels. Horse gram is rich in proteins, vitamin c and iron too.

Horse gram powder with a little of water helps in controlling boils and skin rashes. The liquid that is used to boil horse gram helps in regulating fever.

Horse gram helps in lowering cholestrol level and also reduces flatulence.

Women with menstural problem like heavy bleeding, and irregular periods can benefit by taking horse gram water or intaking horse gram soups or horse gram sprouts to daily diet. Taking horse gram after delivery will stop the heavy bleeding. In general women can take 1 tspn of horse gram powder daily early in the morning. Pregnant women need to avoid this, but it can be taken only after delivery.

In general one can say that intake of horsegram helps in fufiling the fibre need of the body.

How to develop healthy eating habits in kids

posted 3 Jan 2014, 17:51 by R A   [ updated 3 Jan 2014, 17:52 ]

Children are always picky eaters. They have their own preferences of food when it comes to eating any course. It is always a challenge for mothers to make thier kids eat balanced diet. Mothers have to make the food appealing and tempting too.

Kids have their own taste and choices. On analysis one can get an idea as to how to present the food in an appealing way that will make the kids eat it. By this way nutritious food can be served to the kids.

Preaching while eating never works. Many mothers tend to talk to their kids about the benefits of eating greens, or benefits of drinking milk. By doing so, they are making the kids get an aversion towards the food that is presented before them.

Give the kids examples of their favourite heros and talk to them about how they have become so strong by eating healthy and nutritious food. But this talk should be done when the kids are in a very amicable mood and not while they are eating.

Be it a joint family or a nuclear family, it is better for the whole family to sit and eat atleast one meal together . This will help the kids observe the eating habits of adults(ofcourse adult should also follow a healthy and balanced diet eating habit).

Though occasional eating out is ok, it is better to make the kids prefer home cooked food. Be it full course meal or snacks for occasional munching, anything prepared at home is better than that is purchased from shops.

Importance should also be given to the choice of kids while cooking. If kids like to eat the food, especially curries a bit fried and crispy, making it that way once in a while, will make them eat the same in other forms too.

Filling the panrty and fridge with lots of nutrious things, fruits, fruit juices(fresh ones and not areated), will make the kids choose them first then going for high caloried fried snacks and chips.

Last but not the least, kids should never be offerred chocolates or other goodies as a reward for eating vegetables and fruits.

How to cure sore throat naturally

posted 3 Jan 2014, 17:45 by R A   [ updated 3 Jan 2014, 17:46 ]

Unless it is an infection, sore throat can be cured using natural ingredients. 

1. Drinking warm tea (not so hot) mixed with one or two small pieces. The tannic acid in tea helps in releiving the soreness.

2. Many people think that lemon will increase the sore throat or cold. But the Vitamin C in the lemon will help in relieving sore throat. Make lemon juice with warm water and honey and it is a natural medicine for sore throat.

3. Taking 1 tspn of honey along with a pinch of cinnamon powder 3 times a day helps a lot.

4. The first and best thing that is advised whenever any one have a sore throat is gargling. Gargling with warm water added with rock salt. (add rock salt when the water is boiling and let it cool till it become warm so that the salt also gets dissolved).

Note: If the sore throat is along with fever, chills or severe pain, it is better to see a doctor. Avoid natural treatment.

Health benefits of Cinnamon

posted 28 Dec 2013, 17:56 by R A   [ updated 28 Dec 2013, 17:57 ]

1/2 a tspn of cinnamon a day lowers the LDL cholesterol and have a regulatory effect on blood sugar.Studies show that cinnamon reduces the proliferation of leukemia and lymphoma cancer cells.

Cinnamon have an anti-cloting effect on blood.

Cinnamon powder combined with a tbsn of honey every morning before breakfast relieves arthritis and helps them walk with ease within a month.

Cinnamon acts as a natural preservative as it stops the growth of bacterial growth.

Smelling cinnamon helps in boosting up one's memory and improves the cognitive function.

It have a good source of manganese, fiber, iron and calcium.

Being carminative in nature, it helps in reducing nausea in pregnant women.

It helps in reducing flatulence when taken in milk shakes and soups.

Drink Grape Juice to reduce Blood Pressure

posted 28 Dec 2013, 08:03 by R A   [ updated 28 Dec 2013, 08:04 ]

Blood Pressure have become so common due to the life style, eating habits and other personal habits. But it is proved that drinking grape juice (freshly made), regularly helps in reducing the blood pressure.

People who are over weight are prone to be affected by BP more than others. Along with the exercise and proper diet that they are following one can also take 2 glasses of grapejuice daily. Grape juice is a favourite one for both young and old. So it is better to train the children to drink grape juice regularly.

But people who are diabetic need to take it with no sugar.

Things to avoid after a meal

posted 28 Dec 2013, 07:54 by R A   [ updated 28 Dec 2013, 07:55 ]

Read it in a book and sharing it for the benefit of my readers

1. Donot take a bath
Bathing helps in increase of blood flow especially to the hands, legs and all the parts of the body. Therefore the blood flow to and around the stomach gets reduced. This weakens the digestive system of the stomach.

2. Donot sleep
When one sleeps the body relaxes to the maximum. The blood circulation goes to the brainand stimulates it during sleep. So the stomach and intestine will not be able to digest the food properly leading to gastric trouble and infection in our intestine.

3. Dont loosen the dress or belt
Loosening the dress will cause the intestine to twist and lead to stomach cramps too.

4. Donot eat fruits after meal
Eating fruits immediatly after meal will make the stomach bloated. Fruits should be taken either 1 hour before meal or 2 hours after meal.

5. Donot smoke
Smoking a cigarette immediatly after a meal is equal to smoking 10 cigarettes which is highly dangerous to health.

6. Donot walk
Walking immediatly after the food, will not allow the body to absorb the necessary nutrition from the food. It is a myth that walking 100 steps after meal will help live till 99.

7. Dont drink tea.
Many people feel better to drink a cup of tea after a meal especially while eating out. As thetea leaves contain high acid content, the protien in the food hardens and gets difficult to digest.

Health benefits of Corn

posted 28 Dec 2013, 07:46 by R A   [ updated 28 Dec 2013, 07:47 ]

Corn is a very good source of nutrients. A low fat complex cabohydtrate. They are rich in fiber and also fight fat and helps fightingheart disease. Eating even a cup full satisfies the hunger. Though corn is hard to digest, the insoluble fiber in it tackles constipation and hemorrhoids very easily. Corn contains folic acid, niacin and Vitamin C.

Corn provides the highest calorie intake needed for any one. The anti oxidants available in corn are great anti cancer agents and also prevents Alzheimer's. Prevents anemia

Breast Milk - Am I producing the right quantity

posted 7 Jan 2013, 06:53 by R A   [ updated 7 Jan 2013, 06:53 ]

Many lactating women's primary concern is the amount of breast milk they produce. Many fear that they are not producing the right quantity that is needed for their babies. Lots of questions arise in their mind with regard to breast feeding. This article is a small intro into breast feeding. 
Lactating women fear on so many things like small breasts, inverted nipples, am I getting enough milk to feed the baby (ies in twins), is breast milk alone enough for premature babies , should I take medicines to increase my breast milk and so many others. 

But lactating women, should remember one particular thing, that breast milk which is produced by her, keeps increasing with the sucking of the babies. Mothers should feed the babies in both the breasts so that the baby gets to know to change sides if needed. When the baby sucks more, the breast produces more milk and never leaves it empty.

The size of the breasts of the mother have no relativeness to the amount of milk produced by her to feed the babies. The milk glands which are the back part of the breasts secrete enough milk that is needed for the baby. Mothers with inverted nipples have to take care of it even before delivery after proper consultation with the gynecologist. 

Breast feeding mothers should drink lots of water and also should avoid tea, coffee and other drinks which are rich in caffine.

Never skip your breakfast

posted 2 Jan 2013, 07:22 by R A   [ updated 28 Mar 2014, 05:23 ]

Many people skip breakfast which is not really a good habit. The food that is taken in night is taken before 2 to 3 hours of going to bed and after that about 8 hours of sleep and in the morning too many have just a cup of coffee or milk. It is advised by doctors to have a healthy and nutrition filled breakfast by around 7.30 or 8.00 am every morning. 

It is better to avoid fatty foods during breakfast and have foods rich in protein. (South Indian breakfast foods of Idly and Dosa have a good amount of protein). Foods like Oats, Wheat flakes, broken wheat etc are also healthy foods for morning breakfast. It is also advised to include a fresh fruit or a fruit salad in the morning breakfast.

A good balanced healthy breakfast stabilizes one's blood sugar and helps in improved body metabolism.

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