Curd Based

Curds are formed by fermenting milk. It is smooth in texture, pleasant in taste and is very refreshing for the body. It is infact a healer food. It is healthier than the cream that is used for many of the
desserts. It is a truth that people who are intolerant to milk can eat curd. There are lot of dishes that can be made using curd. After removing fat from it, the curd is churned and adding equal or more quantity of water to make buttermilk which is almost fat free. The nutritive value of curd is more than that is in milk. And curd is easily digestible than milk. 

In South India curd forms an integral part of the daily meal and no meal is full without having curd rice. 

Now a days curd is available in supermarkets by various companies. It is better to check the date of manufacture before purchasing the pack. Once opened they should be consumed fast and the left over curd have to be refrigerated.