Chenai or Elephant Foot Yam

The Elephant Yam or Chenai is a crop of South East Asian Origin. It is an edible tuber which resembles the foot of an elephant. Surprisingly though a tuber, elephant yams are considered to be slimming food as it is rich in fiber. It also helps in reducing the cholestrol level in the body. Those who suffer from hypertension can take elephant yam as it has a cooling effect on the body. This also helps in preventing the blood from clotting as it has anti-coagulating property. Due to its low glycemic index, elephant yams are good for people with diabetics too. This tuber is good for women too as it helps in increasing the estrogen levels and help them maintain the harmonal balance and also provides relief from menstural pains. Though people sufferring from piles are advised not to take this tuber, it helps in reducing irregular bowel movements and cures constipation. However people sufferring from sinus, pregnant women and breastfeeding moms should consult their doctors before taking it on a regular basis.

Dishes using Chenai