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A Paratha is a flatbread that originated in Indian Subcontinent. It is called in different names Parontha, parontay, farata. The bread is not a flat bread and is a layered bread. Normally three or five thin rotis are placed one on the other or the ball is made into thin roti and rolled and flattenned to form layer. The parantas are made to different shapes like triangular, square too. Paranthas are stuffed with different kinds of stuffing which varies from aloo, paneer, methi, mixed veggies, cauliflower etc. 

The parantha is an important part of a traditional North Indian food. Making the parantha into layers is quite a task and if not done the right way will not turn out to be fluffy enough. Vegetarian stuffings and non vegetarian stuffings can be added to make stuffed paranthas. 

As people are becoming more and more health conscious, they are making Paranthas using Wheat flour rather than Maida.