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Chappatis and Rotis

Indian bread, which is also a whole meal by itself, made using wheat flour is a staple food of people of North India and the surrounding Indian sub-continent countries. Flattenned round bread this Roti or Chappati are a common dish made from wheat flour, though variations bought into this makes Kulcha, Naan and Parathas

Chappatis are made from a firm dough. The dough is added with salt and ghee or oil. The dough once prepared is made into small balls and is rolled into disc shape using a rolling pin. The flattenned dough is cooked on a preheated tawa on both sides or directly put on low flame which fluffs it up, which is called phulka and no oil is added after cooking. The Chappatis are made very thin like a paper in Gujarat. The rotis that are cooked inside an earthern pot or tandoor stoves are called as Tandoor rotis. 

Though Rotis are mainly made using wheat flour, it is also made using other flours and they are called as Rotas. Rotas made using chick pea flour or millet flour and it is called as "Missi Roti". The Rottas that are made using bajra or corn flour is called as "Bajra Roti". 

Kulchas are made using maida. It is a typical Punjabi recipe. The dough is collected into a flat and thich round shape and is baked inside an earthern pot till both the sides turn golden brown. The cooked Kulcha are generously rubbed with butter or ghee. When Kulcha is baked, a slightly thinly rolled out variant of the same which is fried in oil is called as Bhatura. The Bhaturas are slightly elastic and chewy than the puris which are wholly made of wheat flour. A smaller variant of Bhatura which is the size of a palm is called Luchi. Luchi breads are thick and when it is stuffed with mashed peas, fried bengal gram onions is called as Kachouri or Kachuri.  

Naan is a flat bread, the dough is mixed using water, yeast, yoghut, milk and butter or ghee to Maida. The Bread is thick and is cooked in Ovens. The Naan is thick in size and is also quite elastic in texture. It takes a bit longer to digest too. 

Chappatis and Rotis