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Yuga Aadhi, or Ugadi is the beginning of the New Year celebrated by the people of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Konkani. This day falls on a different day every year as it is followed based on Lunar Calender. Ugadi marks the first day of the New Year of the month of Chaitra. The festival is celebrated with great fan fare. The freshness of spring is seen with the beginning of the New Year. 
What is done on Ugadi:
On the day of Ugadi, garlands made of Jasmine are offerred to God. Women adore their hair with jasmine flowers. Mantras are chanted, Poojas are done and predictions are made for the new year. Panchangam is read or heard which is read by the priests of the temples or of the family. Raw mangoes start coming in abundant during this time so dishes made of raw mangoes are made. One such speciality is Ugadi Pachadi which is made of all the 6 tastes.

People start preparing for this festival a week ahead. As this is the festival that marks a new beginning, new clothes are bought for the occassion and the houses are cleaned and washed and some people even paint their house. People wake up on dawn (even before sun rise), have the auspicious head bath and decorate the entrance of their house with fresh mango leaves. 
A kalasam is prepared using coconut and mango leaves and Pooja is done to the Kalasam and the water with which it is filled is sprinkled all over the house. 

In Andra Pradesh and Karnataka Pulihora or puliogure is prepared along with bobbattu. In Maharashtra Puran Poli is made.