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Sri Rama Navami

Rama Navami is celebrated on the Navami of the month of Panguni. The birth of Rama is celebrated on this day. Unlike Krishna Jayanthi Ramanavami is not celebrated with lots of sweets and savouries. The birth of Lord Rama to King Dasaratha and Queen Kausalya of Ayodhya. Rama is the seventh avatar of Lord Vishnu and he is the God in human form. The Chaitramasa Suklapaksha Navami is celebrated as Srirama Navami. Rama is believed to be born in noon so in the mornings elaborate Bajans and Poojas are performed and by around noon the prasad is distributed. In some places Sita Rama Kalyanam is also celebrated. Though he is a King, Rama even though is a king, relishes these simple offerrings.

are the main prasadams offerred to Lord Rama on this day.