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Karadayan Nonbu

Karadayan nonbu falls on the day when the Tamil month of Maasi ends and Panguni begins. It could happen at any time of the day. Women do this nonbu for the betterment of their family and also for a long life of their husbands. Savithri wife of Sathyavan is the first person to do this Pooja and vrat towards Goddess Parvathi when they were in the forest. She did the neivedhyam with the available resources, rice flour, chick peas, jaggery, green chilly, salt and butter. She made two different types of adais one sweet named it as Kaaradai and one spicy and named it as uppadai. She offerred them with butter and served it in plantain leaves. After doing the pooja and offering, the women and girls in the family tie an yellow thread around their neck. Unmarried girls pray for a good husband. Married woman normally maintain vrat, and dont eat heavy meals till they complete this pooja. Find here recipes to make Kaaradai and Uppadai.