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Gujarti Cuisine or the cuisine of Gujarat is mainly vegetarian cuisine. Due to the influence of Jain cuisine and also traditional Hinduism the cuisine of Gujarat is a typical vegeration one though there are North Gujarat, Kathiawad, Kachchh and Surti Gujarati styles of cuisines included. The dishes of Gujarat are sweet, salty and also spicy. Staple food of Gujarat include special kind of Gujarathi pickles, Kichadi and Chaas. Almost all the dishes have Salt, Sugar, Lemon and tomato. The dishes are added with a little sugar or jaggery which is mainly to compensate the salty taste in the water. The cuisine and the cooking method changes with the season. When during mango season both raw and ripe mangoes and mango pulp are used at large. During summer Garam masala and other spices are used in lesser quantities. They do regular fasting with milk, dried fruits and nuts. 

Some of the famous dishes of Gujarat are:

Gujarati Dishes