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Chettinadu Cuisine

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The Chettinad Cuisine is unique to the Chettinad Region of Tamilnadu. The Chettiyar Community prepare this kind of dish in majority and is very aromatic and spicy. The cuisine is famous for its unique dishes and variety of spices used in preparing the dishes. Like many other famous cuisines of India, this cuisine is also famous for its Non-Vegetarian dishes but still, there are a lot of vegetarian dishes made. Sun dried and salted vegetables are also a part of the cuisine. Most of the dishes are eaten with rice and dishes made using rice like dosas, appams, idlis. One another of their favourite is red sticky rice. 

Some of the famous vegetarian dishes are Idiyappam, paniyaram, vellai paniyaram, karupatti paniyaaram, paal paniyaaram, kuzhi paniyaaram, kozhukattai, masala paniyaram, Koozh, Kandharappam, sweet seeyam and masala seeyam, athirasam and a few lot more. Chettinadu kara kuzhambu and parupurundai kuzhambu are liked by many.