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Highly influenced by both the inmates and also by those who mingled up with the inmates after the wars that take place, the food of Rajasthan lasts for several days and can be eaten with ease even without much of heating. Lack of fresh vegetables and scarcity of water too influenced this cuisine a lot. With all these odds, the cuisine of Rajasthan is a real Royal one. The taste of the food is real rich and feast. The vegetarian dishes of Rajasthan are mainly cooked using ghee and the aroma makes every one hungry. Due to the lack of water, a lot of milk and milk based products are used in the cooking. The sweet dishes tastes heavenly with the ghee used in it. The curries are loaded with pulses which are rich in protien. A lot of corn is also used to make both sweet and spicy dishes. Dry fruits, spices and yoghurt are delicacies of this cuisne. Due to the intense heat in that region, this cuisine boasts a lot of sun dried snacks which they take it up during their travel.