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Mizoram Cuisine

Mizoram Cuisine is a mixture of North Indian and Tibeto - Burman Cuisin and so the taste and aroma is different and unique. Though the majority of the dishes are Non-Vegetarian ones, vegetables and vegetarian dishes also form a part of the cuisine. The food is served in banana leaves which is their tradition. A few of their famous vegetarian dishes are Paanch Phoron or Pancha Pooran Torkari, Chhum Han. Food both vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian is cooked with mustard oil. Mizo people like dishes prepared out of bamboo. One another popular dish is Methi Paratha which is made using fresh Methi leaves. The dishes prepared in Mizo region are less spicy than most of the India. 

Though Mizo People also use a lot of the Paanch Phooran or Panch Pooran masala, they dont use it as seeds but they use it in the powdered form. 

Mizo Cuisine