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Karnataka Cuisine

The Cuisine of Karnataka have both Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian dishes. There is a great influence from almost all the southern states and also from Maharashtra in the north. Thus one can find North Karnataka Cuisine, South Karnataka Cusine, Udupi Cuisine, Malenadu Cuisine, Kodagu Cusine, Manglorean or the Coastal Cuisine, Navayath Cuisine and so on. 

Though there are a lots of cuisines a typical Kannadiga meal which is called as Oota includes Kosambari, Pickle, Palya, Gojju, Raita, Payasa, Thowe, Chitranna (mixed rice), Rice Saaru, Muddipalaya, Majjige Huli or Kootu and Ghee. Along with that in the banana leaf or in the plate where food is served, powdered or table salt is served first. Ghee is a compulsory serving in the meal. 

There are certain dishes that are quite common to all the regions and cuisines of Karnataka. Bisibela bath, Vaangi Bath, Chitranna, Mosaranna (curd rice), Puliyogare, Maavinkaayi Chitranna (Mango rice), Niimbekaayi Chitranna (Lemon rice), Avalakki, Mandakki (Aval upma), Ragi Roti, Akki Roti, Jolada Roti, Mysore Pak, Kosambari, Different Gojjus, Mysore Rasam, Obbattu, Hayagreeva, Bonda, Chakkuli, Nippattu, Kodubale are a few.  
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