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Andhra Cuisine

Cuisine of Andra Pradesh is a combination and blend of Cooking done by the Telugu speaking South Indians and also the Nizams of Hyderabad. The spice rich food is very popular one with rice as its staple food. Rice and lentils are consumed in a variety of soups and broths. The famous Avakaya Pickle and Gongura Chutney are a part of Andhra Cuisine. These pickles are preserved naturally and are highly flavoured and spiced which are served with all the meals. The pickles are rich in aromas too. Kheers made of Rawa and Semolina are quite famous and sweets are made using milk. Almonds and apricots form a part of the sweets prepared and seasonal fruits like mangoes are also converted into sweet dishes. The food is served in banana leaf like all other South Indian Cuisines during feasts. Though the cuisine is highly vegetarian, the coastal region dishes have fish in them and due to the Hyderabadi Nizam Cuisine influence the Biriyanis and mixed rice have meat in them. 

The Hyderabadi cuisine which is a part of Andhra Pradesh Cuisine includes the famous Hyderabadi Biriyani, Bhagara Baingan and a vareity of Non Veg dishes.  The Hyderabadi Cuisine uses black pepper a lot and are influenced by the Mughalai Cuisine to a larger extent. Kebabs also form a part of Hyderabadi Cuisine. 

The people of Andhra Pradesh celebrate their New Year along with the people of Karnataka which is Ugadi. Check here for the recipes to be made during Ugadi.