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India is a land of variety and one can find different kinds of cuisine all over 
India. The different cuisines offer different dishes and all are equally tastier. One can have different kinds of dishes using the same ingredient in all the different kinds of Cuisines. Indian cuisine consists of different kinds of spices, herbs, fruits and vegetables. Though there are non-vegetarian dishes, one can find a 
 Majority of Vegetarian dishes in every cuisne. The Indian Cuisine is influenced by lots of other cuisines too and Indian cuisine have influenced other cuisines too like the Mughal cuisine, Turkish cuisine, Portugese Cuisine. Though the Deccan and the South Indian were not too much influenced by other cultures and cuisines, the Northern India was largely influenced by the other cuisines. The South East Asian cuisine, British Cuisine all have influences of Indian Cuisine. 

Many of the recipes dates back to Vedic Period but they all have been adapted as according to the present trends. The typical Indian food will have Rice and Wheat (Wheat Flour) and 

different kinds of pulses. The dishes are cooked with Vegetable oil, for certain dishes ghee is used and for gingely oil. The people of Kerala use Coconut oil in large and the people of Bengal use Mustard oil at large. 
One can find Red Chillies, Black pepper, Cumin, asafodeita, turmeric powder, garlic and ginger used at large when it comes to Masalas. Different region have different combination for their masala blend and that particular combination gives the dishes prepared in those region a different and unique taste. The other aromatic ingredient used in many of the South Indian cooking is curry leaves. 

Apart from the spicy dishes, one can find different kinds of sweet dishes. Dishes like Shrikand, Jelabi, Kulfi, Rasagulla, Chikki, Burfi all are a few of the speciality sweets from India. Just like that drinks like Tea, Coffee, Butter milk or Lassi and fresh Sherbats are also highly popular in India. These dishes are non-alchoholic. 

Eating with hands is what most people in India do. It is considered to be a very very healthy eating habit as one can relish the feel and texture of the food. After food, the South Indians take beetel leaves with beetel nuts and little lime. The north Indians add a few more items to it and eat it as Paan.