Indian Food during pregnancy

Having a balanced diet during pregnancy is a must for every to be mother. Every individual is different, every pregnancy is different. But there are def some basics that every pregnant woman should know and understand about their diet. This will help them stay fit and energetic the whole day. Having a proper and balanced diet will help both the mother and the baby to get a proper nutrition for their body which is highly essential. There will be food cravings as well as aversions and at the same time some woman might experience nothing at all. 

It is always better to check with doctor and nutrition with regard to the food to be taken and avoided. Eating healthy and nutritiously is more important at every stage of pregnancy. All through the pregnancy a woman need to stay healthy. Eat fruits, vegetables, beans, grains, seeds and nuts and milk all in moderate quantity. 

It is absolutely necessary to take 2 litres of water and food rich in fibre to avoid constipation. 

Have meals in regular intervals in small quantities

Drink atleast 2 glass of milk every day. 

Eat fresh fruits and vegetables

Never avoid the supplements prescribed by the doctor.

Take one greens or the other every day. Greens are rich in fibre and the leaves of Drumstick (Murungaikkai) are rich in iron. 

Avoid aerated drinks. 

Can take dates or dates honey with milk. 

Eating plenty of carrot and beetroot is also advised. 

Avoid foods that are high in salt or fat and also with preservatives. 

Always take home cooked food.